Labours Friday 13th Could Go On For Years

A draft of my article I was going to write about the Labour Election.

The first thing I would like to say in our recent defeat on 12th December is sorry. I was wrong, Labour was wrong and now the people who need help the most will be the ones to suffer while we spend the days Navel gazing. Something I know I will be guilty of and am lucky enough to be able to do that. But not everyone is so lucky. The people who have no homes, the single Mother struggling to make ends meets. The disabled man found to be fit for work despite all the evidence to the contrary. Those are the ones who have been let down, and don’t have the luxury many of us do to lament over our lost. Instead there suffering will be prolonged, as the Tories ram through Brexit and turn the UK in too a low regulation, low pay country resting on the shore of the EU in the pocket of Trump.
So what am I apologising for? Well lots of things so here it goes.
1st, Voting to back a second Referendum at conference and voting to back remain. That was wrong, it alienated many members and was/is condescending to the many people who voted leave for very
Legitimate reasons. It was proof of the “Liberal Elite.” In action and I was wrong to support it and assume I know better. The party was wrong to support it and should have known better, We spoke down to people and they replied appropriately. How can we be “Social Democrats.” When we ignore half of our name. I still think leaving the EU is a costly mistake, but it is time to respect the referendum result and leave the EU as the electorate voted for.

But it is also important not to abandon our principles. As if we give up on those and just become Red Tories then it doesn't matter if we won or lose. However ff we don't change and learn we risk never getting into power and bringing about change. It's a fine line


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