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Our Democracy Is Under Threat

Boris Johnson is trying to destroy democracy.  He is trying to steal our democracy from us by shutting down our parliament. This is an unelected leader voted in by a few Tories unrepresentative of our country. A unelected leader pushing through an agenda people didn’t vote for. No-Deal wasn’t put to us in the referendum, it wasn’t put to us during the 2017 election. He is subverting the will of parliament, who expressly ruled out a no deal. How? By shutting down our parliament and removing our voice. We must rise and make our voices heard and tell him that he can’t take our democracy away from us and destroy our country. 
Some detractors say this is normal for a new government. A lie. In over 70 years there has never been such a long proroguing, let alone at a time of national crisis. How is it democratic for an unelected PM to close our elective parliament because it doesn’t agree with him? They say its fine as Parliament rises during this time for party conference season, and that…

Fraddon Is Leaking

The pipes on Parka Road, Fraddon are not fit for purpose. For everyone living on Parka Road and the joining areas their water supply is at risk.  Over the last year we have experienced numerous burst and leaks. Here is a list going backwards:

23/24-8-19 midnight, break in end of Parka Rd., water main, roundabout.
23-8-19  main water pipe brook again in same place as replacement
15-8-19  main water pipe broke
22/23-7-19  in night break took out most of the road.
28-1-19 main water break

The pipes needs replacing, the issue is getting worst. And it is only a matter of time before we have a serious break that could cause serious damage, and leave us without drinking water. 

Cormac have stated:

"South West Water have advised that the water main has been identified for capital improvement. The recent series of bursts and associated reinstatement costs have only strengthened the case for its replacement. South West Water will be progressing this main for capital funding in the next fi…