Labour Chair

If you're reading this it is probably because you want to know why I'm running to be chair of the Labour Party in St. Austell and Newquay, at least that is what I hope anyway.
Well I want to keep it simple and list my five pledges I will work towards if I am lucky enough to be elected as your chair:

1)Help get Felicity into Parliament whilst ousting Steve Double.

2) Work towards making the CLP greener and more environmentally friendly 

3)Energise our members to get them more involved through ensuring all feel valued and welcome within our party.

4)Support the members who are already working hard for us by finding a way to give back to them as they have given so much to us.

5) Getting the Labour Party out into the constituency more to show we are the party for the many not the few

If you care about these things, and I'm sure you do that's why you're in the party then I ask you to vote for me so we can make them happen, don't throw away this chance! 


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