Indian Queens Victory Hall

I was pleased to have finished making the website for Indian Queens Victory Hall. It unfortunately took longer then I would have liked due to a range of reasons however it is now finally live, you can check it out HERE. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a website designer and just someone who uses the internet a lot (Maybe too much.) However I hope you will agree that it looks sleek and is usable. Any thoughts and the like would be most welcome.
It's been both interesting and challenging bringing the Victory Hall into the 21st century with the committee, but for those of you who have been there recently I'm sure you'll agree the hall is much better for it. The members of the committee have gone above and beyond for the hall and their hard work and dedication have been worth it. But it is not just the committee it's also the like of CRCC and its staff that have also helped make the Victory Hall the hall for our community. So if you've not had a chance yet to see the new hall or host and event then do please get in touch and come along, as I'm sure you'll agree that this really is the hall for St. Enoder Parish. 


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