Climate Emergency And Extinction Rebellion

I recently attended a meeting of the Socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion. Having recently voted for the Parish Council to declare a climate emergency and joined the sub-committee team to start working on this, I decided to attend one of the EX meetings in hope to learn and gain some insight into what we can do within our Parish.

Regardless of what you think of the group and the tactics of Civil Disobedience I'm sure we can all agree on the fact that something needs to be done to prevent a climate breakdown and ecological collapse. This was the reason I voted to declare a climate emergency, and why I became part of the sub-committee team to start work on what we can do as a parish to combat climate change. Yes we may only be one Parish, but localisim is a key part of our work. And if every parish town and city council joined us in combating climate change this would make a huge difference.

But what can you do right now?

Well luckily for you I have a few things that you can start right now in the battle of climate change. Everything listed I myself am doing as I feel it would be wrong to advise others to do if not even doing it myself.Now I would advise you to embrace these ideas, however if you want to adapt them or only do a few this would still make a difference so please do as you feel please.

Firstly, make sure to recycle everything you have that you can. (To find out more follow this link to the council website.)

Secondly, plant wild flowers to attract bees, as not only are we facing a climate disaster but also a ecological one. Looking out for the creatures and wildlife of our earth is our moral duty. This is something I too will be starting soon so make sure to check my blog post out when I start. To get more information on this follow this link.

Thirdly, asking people to change their dietary habits is a very hard sell. And I understand cutting down on meat is never easy however this group Meat Free Monday looks to get everyone to not eat meat every Monday. Obviously cutting down on meat everyday would be a amazing but currently this is not easy for everyone, however trying something similar to this is a great start.

Finally, try using your car less. Now residing within Cornwall makes owning a car a necessity due to our crumbling public transport infrastructure. However car sharing is always a good way to cut down on car emissions and also walking whenever it is possible instead of just getting in the car to travel a short distance. Sadly for this to be a more viable option we need more investment in our public infrastructure, which would not only cut down on pollution but also provide help with people who for whatever reason simply don't have access to a car, which in Cornwall can leave people very isolated.

These are a few to the many ideas to attempt to aid the overall goal of getting the country to Carbon Zero.

As always get in touch with me on for any thoughts and ideas. And make sure to check back regularly as we begin to work on this climate emergency.


  1. I applaud you James for this page and what you are doing.
    Regarding 'Saving the Planet' I feel that we need more information about what and how we are living is making this happen. Eating less meat ?? How does this make a difference ? We are not being educated and informed. Maybe if we understood we would try harder.

    1. I fully agree with you, we do need better education on what we can do. It's a key part of saving our planet. And I will endeavour to do what I can through this blog to educate and inform.


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