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St. Austell And Newquay Policy Officer And Climate Response Coordinator

On August 15th St. Austell and Newquay Labour hosted it's AGM. It was a well attended event, and it was really positive to see numerous socialists coming together to discuss how we can make our country a better place.

 I applied for the role of Chair, and Vice-Chair however sadly I did not get appointed in these roles but I strongly feel that the CLP made the right choice in who they appointed and I would like to congratulate them both. They have their work cut out for them in these turbulent times, but I'm sure we are in safe hands. I did however get chosen for the roles of Policy Officer and Climate Response Coordinator, something which I feel honoured to undertake.

 Since the AGM I have been vigorously researching (which currently I still am) on policies that will benefit not just Cornwall but the Cornish people aswell. Cornwall Council have drastically let the people of Cornwall down, with rapid housing expansions being built but with the local people not feeling the benef…

Food Banks

We’ve all been there, gone to the cupboard and you have nothing to eat. Well that not quite true, you have some tinned tuna, Chinese 5 spice and a can that lost it label long ago. Oh well you think, I’ll make a quick stop to the local shop Or better yet it’s an excuse for a take away. Yum! However for some people when they go to the cupboard they really have nothing to eat. And worst yet they can’t afford to just pop to the shops or get a takeaway.
1,182,954 people in the financial year 2016-2017 had to be given emergency food supplies by the Trussell Trust, this is up from 1,109,309 the year before, which itself is up from 25,899 from 2008-2009. A upward trend that is sure to shock even the most stoic among us. The reasons for this increase are easy to see, but sadly not easy to fix. 50% of the people referred are referred because of Low Income and problems related to benefits.
At 1st you may think these statistics are taken from some dystopian sci-fi book, or an impoverished 3rd…

Climate Emergency And Extinction Rebellion

I recently attended a meeting of the Socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion. Having recently voted for the Parish Council to declare a climate emergency and joined the sub-committee team to start working on this, I decided to attend one of the EX meetings in hope to learn and gain some insight into what we can do within our Parish.

Regardless of what you think of the group and the tactics of Civil Disobedience I'm sure we can all agree on the fact that something needs to be done to prevent a climate breakdown and ecological collapse. This was the reason I voted to declare a climate emergency, and why I became part of the sub-committee team to start work on what we can do as a parish to combat climate change. Yes we may only be one Parish, but localisim is a key part of our work. And if every parish town and city council joined us in combating climate change this would make a huge difference.

But what can you do right now?

Well luckily for you I have a few things that you ca…

Indian Queens Victory Hall

I was pleased to have finished making the website for Indian Queens Victory Hall. It unfortunately took longer then I would have liked due to a range of reasons however it is now finally live, you can check it out HERE. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a website designer and just someone who uses the internet a lot (Maybe too much.) However I hope you will agree that it looks sleek and is usable. Any thoughts and the like would be most welcome.
It's been both interesting and challenging bringing the Victory Hall into the 21st century with the committee, but for those of you who have been there recently I'm sure you'll agree the hall is much better for it. The members of the committee have gone above and beyond for the hall and their hard work and dedication have been worth it. But it is not just the committee it's also the like of CRCC and its staff that have also helped make the Victory Hall the hall for our community. So if you've not had a chance …