Menopause Breaking The Stigma

With all the warranted protesting (Of which I will write a post on in the future after further research.) at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 9th July it was buried that the council debated and voted unanimously to the motion for the council to work to increase menopause awareness among its staff and across the wider community. (The word ‘menopause’ comes from ‘meno’, meaning your menstrual cycle, and ‘pause’, meaning to stop.) I think this is a great idea and something that reaches further then the inside of New County Hall. As something that will affect half the population it is worth talking about and removing the stigmatisation. The website Rock My Menopause has great resources on this, and have started a campaign to stamp out the taboo and raise awareness of the menopause. You can start right now on social media with only a simple post, using the Hashtag; #Menovist (One who stands up for those going through the menopause : a person who openly encourages and engages in conversations around menopause and plays a part in stamping out the taboo.) And saying how you are going to talk about it and how it is nothing to be ashamed of. Simply starting a conversation on it like this can go along way to breaking down these pointless social taboos.
Encourage people to talk more about it. And if you are someone who is affected by it find the confidence to seek advice from your healthcare profession and do some research. The average age of women going through a natural menopause is 51-years-old, but it can happen at any time. So let's start talking about it right now!


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